The Personal Fitness App For Every Beginner

Get fit at your own pace


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You missed out!

Personalise workouts right from the start, at your convenience, without you ever stepping into a gym or being locked into a long-term financial commitment.

The ActivEdge app has every feature needed by beginners to easily maintain an active lifestyle.

Commit To Better Health

Start Smart

Our technology identifies a series of highly achievable exercise workouts for you. It constantly learns and adapts after every workout you complete so that you can exercise safely and confidently at every stage of your fitness journey. 

Build up your strength and confidence progressively for sustainable health benefits.  

Mix It Up

Your personalised list of workouts is updated regularly from our dynamic library of fitness content developed by certified professionals.

Mix strength, cardio and flexibility training into your routine to keep things interesting. Your body will thank you. 

Enjoy Yourself

Celebrate your achievements. Collect rewards and cash rebates at important milestone in your fitness journey. Track and compare your progress amongst your community.

Stay motivated and have fun.

Ready To Change Your Life?

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