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Smiling Asian elderly woman performing hips exercises.
An asian girl performing a press workout as she watches from her laptop.
A beautiful asian girl in an outdoor stroll exercise, as her hair blows in the wind.
Two smiling asian girls doing exercise.
Two beautiful girls smiling with hands akimbo, after a refreshing workout.

We help you stay active everyday to achieve your weight goals

An asian girl performing a press exercise as she watches the routine from her laptop
Higher levels of happiness

75% of respondents who exercise at least 4 times each week are happier than those who do not.

A group of muslim girls happily jogging in their hijabs.
Live longer and healthier

About 11 minutes of activity per day lowers risk of early demise by 23%.

Build positive lifestyle habits with ActivLife to lose weight sustainably without ever setting foot in the gym.

Living healthier & happier lives

What people say about us

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Angie | Activedge customer
Angie Tchang

Mini accomplishments daily.

I have not been exercising for a long time because of work and taking care of daughter. I should not neglect my health but it has been challenging.

ActivLife is great for a career woman like myself. The workouts are short and simple. It is easier for me to stay active, one day at a time.

Jeanne Wong | Activedge customer.
J Wong

Simple. Convenient. Effective.

The exercises at gyms are not catered to the individual and it is usually mass classes. Keeping up with the lesson was tough for me.

I love that ActivLife is simple and intuitive. The workouts are achievable for my age plus I get the convenience and flexibility of exercising at home.

Ian | Activedge customer
Ian Pang

Healthy fun for the family.

My wife and I have 3 children and we work full time. Exercising and staying healthy had always been a challenge till I started on ActivLife.

We set aside 15 minutes every weekend to exercise with our children. A great way to instil healthy habits and have family fun.

Martin Lim | Activedge customer
Martin Lim

Fast, easy, effective.

My staff use it regularly for their exercises and they have seen an improvement in their overall health.

Kian Peng Peh

Very Achievable.

Liked the duration of the exercises and pace of the exercises, which I am able to follow without any problem.

Everyone is different

Most online workout programs don't work

Not everyone is born athletic — we have different body compositions and levels of natural fitness.

Yet many online at-home workout programs are inflexible and assumes the same progression across all users.

It is a less than ideal experience — which usually leads to abandonment.

ActivEdge answers this with ActivLife.

Beautiful Asian girl watching workout videos from her laptop.
Two Asian men laughing, as they sit on the park.
Smiling Asian elderly woman performing hips exercises.
Asian girl watching workout videos from her television, and following along with hip exercises.

Workouts Designed To Your Unique Fitness Goals

ActivLife is an online platform powered by smart algorithms that dynamically adjust the list of recommended workouts.

It is specially developed to help the modern Singaporean woman manage her weight, even with her busy schedule.

ActivLife weight Management

Exercises for the modern Singaporean woman to look good & feel great for longer

Here are some of the workouts you can expect on ActivLife.

A group of girls sitting with legs wrapped in a yoga exercise.

High intensity interval training (HIIT) involves alternating bursts of intense exercises with brief rest periods, maximising cardiovascular fitness, calorie burn, and overall workout efficiency in a shorter time.

Two happy asian girls performing cardio exercises.

Full body workouts engage multiple muscle groups in one session, optimising strength, endurance, and coordination — they offer efficient and balanced training for overall fitness and muscle development.

Two smiling asian girls doing exercise.

Barre workouts blend ballet-inspired movements with elements of Pilates, yoga, and strength training.

These low-impact sessions target muscles, enhance flexibility, and improve posture.

A smiling asian girl, performing press exercises as she watches from her PC.

Training with resistance bands can effectively build muscle strength, enhance metabolism, and support bone density.

Resistance training improves functional fitness, aids weight management, and promotes overall health by reducing the risk of injury and chronic conditions while enhancing daily activities.

A muslim girl wearing her hijab, and smiling as she watches workout routines from her apple laptop

Low intensity steady state (LISS) workouts consist of prolonged, moderate exercises performed at a consistent pace.

LISS enhances endurance, promotes fat burning, and improves cardiovascular health without the intensity of higher impact training.

A group of asian girls performing squat exercises

Workouts that combine mindfulness, meditation, and gentle movement to alleviate stress, enhance relaxation, and promote emotional balance for overall psychological well-being

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Two happy beautiful asian girls, watching workout routines on their laptops.
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ActivLife makes your weight management journey delightful, enjoyable and achievable.

A beautiful asian girl in an outdoor stroll exercise, as her hair blows in the wind.
Beautiful asian girl in a plank position while watching workout videos from her laptop.
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