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What Are ActivEdge Points

ActivEdge Points indicate the level of intensity for each body part.

The more points, the more intense the workout will be for that body part. Earn the ActivEdge Points for each body part when you complete workouts.

The 3 Main Body Parts

ActivEdge Core


Muscle groups include the abdominals. obliques and lower back muscles. For a visible 6-pack, select workouts that emphasise this body region.

ActivEdge Lower Body


Comprises the largest muscles such as the quadriceps (thigh) and glutes (butt). Complete workouts that require jumping and squatting to activate the natural fat burners in your body.

ActivEdge Upper Body


Comprise muscles in the chest, shoulders and arms. To achieve a V-shape physique and toned arms, select workouts that emphasize this area.

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