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Can I try ActivEdge without a plan?

Yes you can. You can download ActivEdge from AppStore or GooglePlay. However, you will only have access to limited features of ActivEdge. 

We strongly recommend signing up to either the ELITE or PRO subscription plans to fully experience ActivEdge for 7-days free. 

How do I cancel my plan?

If you're not satisfied with your ActivEdge experience, you can cancel your ActivEdge subscription plan at any time by sending  an email to admin@activedge.sg with your instructions. 

Our admin team will process your instructions immediately. No questions asked.

How fit do I need to be to access ActivEdge?

One of the best features of ActivEdge is that it always selects the right workout plan for you, no matter your fitness level. You can exercise at your own pace without compromising on results.

What devices can I use to access ActivEdge?

ActivEdge can be accessed on mobile devices using iOS or Android operating systems. 

What equipment or preparation do I need for each ActivEdge workout?

ActivEdge home workouts do not require any equipment at all. Wearing shoes is advisable but not a must. All you need is space to move safely.

It’s important that you hydrate before and after your workout. You do not need any fancy beverage. Plain water will do the trick.