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Working together to positively impact lives for sustainable health benefits.


A group of healthcare professionals who share a common goal in bringing fitness, medical, nutrition and mental wellness content to the community. Learn more here.


HASIKO brings a complete approach to stress resilience through a combination of habit change, movement, nutrition, and meditation to create a strong body and mind. Learn more here.


Functional but boring activewear is old news. YUMI is inspired by haute couture and brings a little of the runway to the gym, yoga studio, and running track. Learn more here.

A natural health supplement and skincare company dedicated to bringing the wonders of scientific research and discoveries in nutritional and skin health to the market. Learn more here.


Industry-leading heart rate monitors and a comprehensive product range dedicated to everything from improving sports performance and helping people enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Learn more here.

WELLNEX is a by-invitation, free membership program that provides affordable healthcare and lifestyle discounts. Learn more here.

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