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We work with trusted partners to bring you a variety of fitness content, apparel and nutrition to ensure you achieve your fitness goals.

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A group of healthcare professionals who share a common goal in bringing fitness, medical, nutrition and mental wellness content to the community. Learn more here.


HASIKO brings a complete approach to stress resilience through a combination of habit change, movement, nutrition, and meditation to create a strong body and mind. Learn more here.


Functional but boring activewear is old news. YUMI is inspired by haute couture and brings a little of the runway to the gym, yoga studio, and running track. Learn more here.


Industry-leading heart rate monitors and a comprehensive product range dedicated to everything from improving sports performance and helping people enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Learn more here.

WELLNEX is a by-invitation, free membership program that provides affordable healthcare and lifestyle discounts. Learn more here.


Since 1985, ALLSWELL has remained true to its promise of harnessing and sharing nature’s goodness, so you feel and live better every day. Learn more here.

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